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Making Rarities Realities

At WolfPack, we know the more we work together, the stronger we are. Our partners are crucial to the foundation and the overall success of our business. Without our connection through these family-owned and -operated estates, we wouldn’t have access to the finest wines and craft spirits of the world. We exist to bring their family to your family through our family so that we can all come together as one pack.

What We Do

When it comes to fine wine and craft spirits, we believe borders should not be boundaries. Here at WolfPack, we represent the finest wines and spirits from family-owned and operated producers around the world. Our unmatched selection along with our unbeatable customer service and brand promotion strategies make WolfPack strategies make WolfPack a valuable partner for any of your distribution needs. So, what are you waiting for? We would love to welcome you to the ‘Pack!


Who We Are

Our history starts with our founder and CEO, R. Paul Favale, Jr. Starting his career in 1999 and moving from salesman to restaurant development director to entrepreneur, Paul has been around quality products all his life and has learned to develop valuable supplier relationships. Paul’s passion for wine and spirits combined with his desire to give consumers the ability to appreciate the world’s finest products led him to develop WolfPack Wine and Spirits, which launched in 2018 and continues to grow its family today.

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